Our Propertiies/ Assets Information
Street lights700 Points
Community Hall1(Constructed under IDSMT)
Rain Shelters2 No.
Shop and Stalls etc60 No. Shops/ 2 No. Stalls
Rest House1 No.
Slaughter House--
Burial Ground1 No.
Slum DwellersNo. Slum Dwellers
Public Toilets/Latrines2 No.
Public Taps215 No.
SWM Site/Dumping SitesNear Swan
Dustbins25 No.
Vehicles/Tippers1 No. Tipper & 1 No. Tractor
Shopping Complex under IDSMT Project1 No.
Parking under IDSMT Project1 No.
Office Building ( old )1 No.
Telephone Exchange Building1 No.
Sarai7 No.
Park2 No.
Important Links
Important Mesaage
  • We all have an obligation to keep the city clean.
  • Smoking is prohibited in public places.
  • Water is precious please save it.
  • Do not burn garbage.